E-commerce email design - This design was created in 2016.

Getting the right E-commerce email design can be the difference between an average campaign or a successful campaign, my tried and tested method is put your self in your customer's shoes, would you buy a product from an email that looked bad?

E-commerce email design Planning

E-commerce email design should be at the heart of your campaign management, getting the right message to the right people is essential.

Here are a few step that will help you.

  • Map out your whole campaign at the start, this will include main products, subproducts, special offer, prices
  • Design around your products and prices
  • Put the customer first, put your self in there position what will make them want to purchase this product
  • Be transparent when your offer begins and finishes
  • Give the customer a reason to stay your marketing list
  • Provide the customer with a reason to save your email, not all emails bring the highest ROI on the first open the customer may store it for later, but return to that excellent offer
  • Fear of loss marketing should be conducted with caution, it's better to engage with your customers
  • Do not spam your customers, provided them incentive to be happy when your email lands in their inbox
  • Be fun be positive create a vibe that makes people go that's a cool email or a product
  • Learn from every campaign you send.

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