Help with MailChimp?

Need Help with MailChimp?

Looking For Help with MailChimp? I am a MailChimp expert who has helped many clients with MailChimp, services I offer are consultancy and email marketing best practice also email template creation. I believe that businesses can benefit from email marketing whether this is a transactional email or a newsletter.

As an email expert I can help ensure that your subscribers receive the correct information by some basic tutorials and training, also I can help you to review your email marketing platform is set up correctly and will have no potential spam issues, some of these basic reviews can be fundamental to help see if there are any pitfalls that might affect your emails.

By reviewing your setup and subscribers you will have a more robust platform and subscriber base, I do this for every new client or every six months for existing clients, you cannot be too careful with subscribers because your emails impact their perception of your Business.

Help with MailChimp?

Free MailChimp setup and email template for charities

This special offer is only available to registered charities, the offer is to help charities create a bespoke email template that is user-friendly and editable by the marketing executive within your team.

I believe I will be able to help train and advise regarding your email marketing setup, this offer is only available within MailChimp but please do contact me to see how I can help you on your email service provider.

What options are avaialbe on this service:

One free template for MailChimp

(This template will be designed and built around your charities brand or website, the purpose for this is to ensure brand recognition, also to build trust with your subscribers knowing this is your email.)

Training and tutorial's for MailChimp.

(This training will be given to your MailChimp account, this is to ensure the training is bespoke to you also to ensure you can edit the template that has been created for you, to be able to receive this training you must have Skype installed and have a working microphone so you can follow along and ask questions.)

What is beneficial about this training:

  • on hand email expert to ask questions and advice
  • tutorials on MailChimp for bespoke email templates
  • a basic campaign set up and best practice advice
  • analytics review after your first campaign has been sent

This free MailChimp offer will only be available to 5 charities, this offer will start as of January 20, 2018, this page will be updated with how many clients have received this package.

Do not worry or hesitate to contact me should you require this service I will be flexible and honest regarding spaces left on this offer.

This offer is one of the services above, either a free MailChimp template or a review of your MailChimp setup, or training and tutorials on MailChimp.

How much will this service cost, this service will be 100% free for registered charities, the reason is I want help charities to move forward and help the people they are supporting, I believe by offering some support to charities then they can help more people in the long run.

So if you need help with MailChimp, please do contact me on the below form, I am looking to help 5 business or charities for free this year - 2018, all I ask for in return is a kind review.

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