Email expert in - Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

As an Email expert in - Salesforce Marketing Cloud you really do learn to love this Email Service Provider, it has a fantastic tool to help you create both static emails and dynamic emails.

Using all of Salesforce Marketing Clouds features can help you create any type of user journey or any type of email, if you can dream it you can build it with Salesforce.

Email expert in - For Salesforce.
Email expert in - Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Email expert in - MailChimp

MailChimp is a great email service provided, it is very easy to use and setup, it also has some industry leading features.

At my time at MailNinja I was a MailChimp expert, helping all types of clients, we would provide solutions from sending their first email campaigns, to help the client understand their potential with email marketing.

Why I believe MailChimp is the perfect email service provider for smaller / medium business.

Email expert in - MailChimp, I can create perfect templates and campaigns within this amazing esp.
Email expert in - Mandrill, Mandrill is the transactional version of MailChimp it purpose it to send mandatory emails.