Check out this free Beauty email template created for Beauty Beloved.

This Beauty Email Template was created for beauty beloved to help them show case new products.

If you have any questions please do ask on the chat at the bottom of the screen.

They want a mobile responsive Beauty email template that was similar to their brand that Beautyers would engage with.

This template can host eight small images and eight unique links, also hosts two main images for focused promotions, with two unique links.

Beauty Email Template - created for
Beauty Email Template - created makeup company

On the mobile view it was important we used the room available to us wisely, this is why we stacked products two at a time side by side, this helps keep the mobile length small and less scrolling for the subscriber.

Also it was important to keep the loading time low, so they email would load quickly and be less expensive on data to download beauty beloved emails, in total it was a maximum size of 30 kilobytes, this is a very low file size great for Gmail and Android and inexpensive for the subscriber.

All in all this Beauty Email Template was the right fit for beauty beloved and their subscriber, if you would like help with a Beauty email template contact me on the below form or give me a call on 07017362369.

Press on the images below, to see the full version of the email and how they look on (Iphones, Android, Outlook) +

Beauty Email Template Iphone6+
Iphone 8 iOS 10
Beauty Email Template for  gmail
iPhone 6+ - Gmail
Beauty Email Template for Pixel Android
Pixel Yahoo - Android 7
Beauty Email Template for iPhone X and iPhone 8
iPhone X - iOS 12