Email Carousel

Here is an demo of an carousel within an email, these are a real treat for subscribers using iPhones.

Maybe you need this solution? if do let me know.

This design was from a design I created back in 2016. When planning to add this design I thought - "What would make this more interesting?" Email Carousel! Once I decided that this technique was the right one, I could not wait to build this and showcase it here. Press this video link to view the video at the bottom of this page.

The below previews will show you the Email Carousel design and how they will render on mobile clients +

Email Carousel for Nexus 5 Android
Nexus 5 - Android 5.1
Email Carousel for  gmail
iPhone 6 - Gmail iOS 10
Email Carousel for Pixel Android
Pixel Yahoo - Android 7
Email Carousel for iPhone X and iPhone 8
iPhone X - iOS 11

As you can see all iPhones render well, but certain Gmail and Android devices are set to the generic desktop view. Going forward, when planning an email design it is important to get an email developer to help you design your ideal template as they will know all limitations.

The below previews will show you how this Email Carousel design will render on different desktop clients + >

Email Carousel for Outlook 2016 Windows 7
Outlook 2016 - Windows 7
Email Carousel for Outlook 2010 windows 7
Outlook 2010 - Windows 7
Email Carousel for Yahoo Chrome Windows 7
Yahoo Chrome Windows 7
Email Carousel for AOL Windows 7
AOL Firefox - Windows

As you can see from the collection of images there are many different email clients that will support the Email Carousel on both mobile and desktop. However, there are clients that do not support this method. I would strongly advise looking at your subscriber base and see if you have the device market to offer an Email Carousel. If you do, great, but if you do not then try to focus on getting all of the basics right first, then segment your data into pots of people whose devices support this method.

Email Carousel - Video