Interactive emails template

Here is an example of an Interactive emails template I have built for a client to showcase changes in GDPR.

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Watch the video to see how different you can make your email marketing.

Take a look and maybe your have an a new idea for your first interactive email.

If you have a question about interactive emails hit the chat button at the bottom of the screen.

This GDPR interactive email was created to have an interactive learning journey for GDPR, this step by step journey that allows the user to learn 10 facts about GDPR in a fun and engaging way.

Not all email clients allow the interactive technique to work as they would on an iPhone or an iPad, but as an email developer its important to set a default should certain email clients not work.

In this case, it will set the email to a default that is mobile responsive and hides all interactive options, this would be on devices such as Android and Gmail clients, and all other clients that do not accept checkboxes or input tags. check out the some other custom email templates.

Please do watch the video above to see how this email works.