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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Templates.

Need help with Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Template, don’t worry that what I am here for.

Welcome to EmailGeek I create bespoke email template for all types of email service providers.

I am a Salesforce marketing cloud expert and have supported CRM teams for many years.

The service I offer here is custom email templates and content blocks for salesforce marketing cloud.

Below your see examples of custom emails that I have built and if you arrange a call I can show much more.

30+ Emails Templates Here

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Template Examples

All the email I build are tested on industry standard email testing software, If you need help building the right solution I can help.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Template Reviews.

Here are my reviews and how my clients found working with me

Review by: Chris

Job Title:


What Chris said:
I hired Mark to design a large number of new email templates to use as content blocks within Salesforce Marketing Cloud. He proved to be very knowledgeable about all things email and SFMC and always made himself available for phone calls and responded swiftly to all emails.

Review by: Helen

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What Helen said:
Working With Mark Has Been A Real Pleasure. He Has Been A Brilliant Support To Me And My Direct Report During Our Migration To Salesforce And Beyond, With His Impressive Knowledge Of Salesforce, Email Coding And Deliverability. I Have Been Particularly Impressed With How Responsive Mark Has Been When Assistance Has Been Required Or Issues Have Occurred, Including A Couple Of Out Of Hours Problems Where His Help Was Very Valuable And Greatly Appreciated.

Review by: Harry

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What Harry said:
Mark has been fantastic to work with, cleaning up our Salesforce data and allowing us to automate a lot of our manual processes. Mark has also built some industry leading html email templates, boosting our CTR by 110% YOY during the most critical period of our year in driving revenue from email. Thanks Mark

Here at EmailGeek I am a salesforce marketing cloud email specialist who knows - html, css, ampscript, ssjs, sql

Getting the right salesforce marketing cloud email template

When building email template you need to ensure the (code) HTML, CSS, AMP script is lightweight.

But more importantly, establishing what is important for you the client or the CRM team in an email build.

Or maybe a framework with lot of content blocks the CRM team can use day to day without much coding skill or knowledge.

Right Questions

Getting the right requirements

Here are a few types of questions I ask in a briefing stage to work out the requirements:

1. How do you want your email to look?

2. What is the focused email client your email must look great on?

3. When do you need this by?

4. Who needs to use the (template, content blocks)

By asking the right questions we can work out if we need a static html email template for a one off send.

Or maybe a framework with lot of content blocks the CRM team can use day to day without much coding skill or knowledge.

Custom Email Template Guide

SalesForce Marketing Cloud template expert

When looking for the right (agency/developer/template) here are a few thing to consider:

Has this (agency/developer/template) used or been tested on SalesForce marketing cloud?

This is important because SalesForce has its own quirks that will make your emails look bad if you don’t how to defensively code for these issue.

Experience of the (agency/developer), do they have the knowhow on how to implement or migrate into Salesforce marketing cloud.

This is equally as important because if you get a (agency/developer) who has only used MailChimp or Pardot they will setup your (templates / content blocks / Images) poorly.

Knowing how to testing in marketing cloud is important you would not want someone to use the wrong record or send to the whole data extension by mistake.

But you also want to make sure any testing conducted is done for the right reasons, like a few rendering tweaks – without wasting time and credits.

custom email template - this image show Consistence email design across mobile and desktop inboxes.

AMPScript and Email development

When building dynamic emails in Salesforce we use AMPScript, you may already be aware of this.

But many agency or teams work as one AMPscript specialist, one email developer - this hold up projects and can create poorly built emails or bad email client rendering.

I always take my project from begin to end – this save time on re-briefing and making the necessary html amendment or amp script logic changes in the build stage.

See the power of AMPscript here

Dynamic email for Salesforce:

The SalesForce Marketing Cloud templates I build work on over 80+ email clients.

1 - Build and test the html email template – offline | using (litmus, email on acid) – (Email Dev)

2 - Migrate the emails framework into Salesforce marketing cloud - (Email Dev / AMPScript)

3 - Migrate unique content blocks – (Email Dev / AMPScript)

4 - Link in bespoke send log elements or may be UTM tracking elements ect – (AMPScript)

5 - Make tweaks to both AMPScript and html email elements - (Email Dev / AMPScript)

The above would be my approach to the build and migration stage, so naming convections and unit testing is all complete in the same stage.

The final testing stage:

Once the above has been completed it time to start (second checking / UAT) testing every element.

But this time with test data and into Litmus and email on acid and physical devices such as:

1 - But this time with test data and into Litmus and email on acid and physical devices such as:
2 - Gmail app
3 - Gmail inbox desktop - (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer)
4 - Yahoo inbox desktop - (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer)
5 - AOL inbox desktop - (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer)
6 - Outlook - inbox desktop (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer)

At this stage you might be asking why would I retest after Litmus or email on acid.

It’s simple none of these tools are 100% accurate – for the best user experience you need to become the user.

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