Check out this MailChimp Email Template created for Leos Beauty Salon

Here I have created an easy to edit MailChimp template that allows Leos staff to let there customers know about special offers.

This was the fist time the staff had used MailChimp and have used email marketing tool, now they love how simple and easy this template is to use.

Email template for a beauty salon
MailChimp email template for a beauty salon

Here we want to create a short welcome email, that matched the brand design and gave basic infomation to the new customer to help them find or contact the salon.

Using MailChimp we created a triggered email from a welcome journy, that is user friendly and easy to updated or copy for future emails - Thank you Leos Hair and Beauty Salon for letting me show case this design and email template build.

Press on the images below, to see the full version of the email and how they look on (Iphones, Android, Outlook) +

MailChimp Email Template Iphone6+
Iphone 6+ iOS 10
MailChimp Email Template for  gmail
iPhone 6+ - Gmail
MailChimp Email Template for Pixel Android
Pixel Yahoo - Android 7
MailChimp Email Template for iPhone X and iPhone 8
iPhone X - iOS 11
Outlook 2016 Windows 7
Outlook 2016
Windows 7
Gmail & Android Friendly Email template email design for Outlook 2010 windows 7
Outlook 2010
Windows 7
android email design for Yahoo Chrome Windows 7
Yahoo Chrome
Windows 7
Gmail & Android Friendly Email template for AOL Windows 7
AOL Firefox
Windows 7

The Previews above show 8 different email client that my MailChimp Email Template supports, but this is only a small amount of devices show cased in total this renders well on 85+ email inboxes, like Windows Outlook, Mac, Iphones, Android, Samsung - so if you your emails need improvments contact me to see how I can help.