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Salesforce marketing cloud developer.

Need a Certified Salesforce marketing cloud developer, great I can help!

Welcome to EmailGeek I am an experienced Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer.

I am not an agency, I am an expert who work closely with a network of developer on similar projects, who can offer services or find you the (right resource).

I have created solutions and provided training for 100s of clients and can help you take your Salesforce marketing cloud developer to the next level.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer - I am Mark Hewington a certified marketing cloud developer

Mark Hewington - Certified salesforce marketing cloud developer

As a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer I have experience configuring and customizing data for the Marketing Cloud to custom HTML Email Builds.

I am an expert in subscriber management across all channels and can troubleshoot all programmatic languages.

That guide the design of both tactical and strategic email campaigns.

A full-stack developer for Marketing Cloud creates personalized, dynamic messages, landing pages.

Making use of Marketing Cloud scripting languages, and is experienced with data configuration, manipulations and advance segmentation, as well as reporting and analytics.


Skills, knowledge, and ability to:

Configure and set-up data models (data extensions, shared data extensions, Contact model).

Work with customers and platform data (SQL, system data views, Send Log) Write advanced SQL, including join statements.

Work through and resolve scenarios using REST and SOAP API.

Salesforce marketing cloud developer reviews.

Find out from my clients what they think of my work.

Review by: Helen

Job Title:


What Helen said:
Working With Mark Has Been A Real Pleasure. He Has Been A Brilliant Support To Me And My Direct Report During Our Migration To Salesforce And Beyond, With His Impressive Knowledge Of Salesforce, Email Coding And Deliverability. I Have Been Particularly Impressed With How Responsive Mark Has Been When Assistance Has Been Required Or Issues Have Occurred, Including A Couple Of Out Of Hours Problems Where His Help Was Very Valuable And Greatly Appreciated.

Review by: Chris

Job Title:


What Chris said:
I hired Mark to design a large number of new email templates to use as content blocks within Salesforce Marketing Cloud. He proved to be very knowledgeable about all things email and SFMC and always made himself available for phone calls and responded swiftly to all emails.

Review by: Harry

Job Title:


What Harry said:
Mark has been fantastic to work with, cleaning up our Salesforce data and allowing us to automate a lot of our manual processes. Mark has also built some industry leading html email templates, boosting our CTR by 110% YOY during the most critical period of our year in driving revenue from email. Thanks Mark

Nasa AMPscript and Rest API solution

Nasa rest API project

This project is my version of a Nasa API Call to Content.

1. Use a Rest API Call to gather the Data from the Nasa API to use within Marketing Cloud.

2. Insert the Nasa API data in a Data Extension to use later in the project.

3. Use an AMPScript Lookup to provide the AMP Script loop with the data it needs to power dynamic content.

4. The content is display to the Salesforce landing page for a blog update version.

5. Automation that runs daily to use the API script to update daily content.

This project concept could be used for a daily or weekly blog or for a weekly or monthly newsletter.

This project was built as a proof of concept to show a client the power of rest API and AMP Script to automate some manual tasks.

AMPscript Lookup table

Salesforce marketing cloud solutions

Here we have screenshot of project key elements to show the competency use when building this solution, should you want a live demo please do contact me here or on LinkedIn.

Below I will demonstrate some of the skill set I possess like (Rest API Call, AMPscript Lookup & Loops, Automation, API Data written into a data extension).


Salesforce marketing cloud data handling

Most solutions if not all of them will have a data requirement, and how you process the data is important. Check out Nasa Solution Demo

Here I have collected the data from the nasa api and written this into a data extension.

This data will be used in both the dynamic email campaign or landing page.


Salesforce marketing cloud automation

With this automation we are clearing and archive the nasa data in the SQL step.

In the next step I am using SSJS to call the Nasa api in an automated configuration.

Dynamic content Salesforce Marketing cloud

SKU ordering project

This project based on a data intelligence providing a product feed for customer to be recommended a product

1. AMP Script data lookup that check to see if SKU are recommended to the subscriber.

2. Picks the top 3 matching SKUS Based on recommended SKUS

3. If none match the AMP Script picks the next top 3 that match the product feed.

4. AMP Script Selects the type of layout that will be display dependent on the matching SKUS or recommended SKUS.

When building this solution, the focus was making sure this could be rolled out quickly and all scenarios was met.

This was advanced AMP Script that allowed any scenarios to be supported and robust testing was needed, and the client was extremely happy with the end result.