Need a MailChimp Email Template?

This demo is a very simple editable mailchimp template, and how you can expect yours to work.

All email template I create are mobile resposive, ready to use, built for your brand.

EmailGeek - Proud to announce Newly added to MailChimp partner program.

I will be offering custom email template builds by a experienced email developer.

Managed serive if you need this, but I belive with my editable templates you will not.

Training for MailChimp & email best practice by any exprinced email marketer who work with major brands.

Recenlty I help a few clients with my covid-19 offer

This was a great success helping 6 client learn MailChimp and send emails, that help there business in time of a crisis.

But here are two that was so happy they gave me a great reviews Manutel & Pure Definition Valeting.

I wish all the these business success, I hope to continue to support them in the future.

I am Mark Hewington an email developer and I hand-coded quality HTML email templates, and help email marketing for all types of businesses

Below I have created two emails designs that my newest customers loved.

Email template HTML coded

email template html code

Gmail ready email template

free email templates for gmail

Hand codded emails that match the designed and brief.

We look at an email template examples you like or already own.

Then we scope out how the mobile responsive and desktop view will look like.

Agree your targeted market using market share in sites, to see button performance to agree on CTA placement.

Agree on a price around £200 per template

We work out a time scale for this new project.

The first draft will be a built-in HTML maximum of 2 days - unless agreed otherwise.

When previewing the first draft you will be provided with screenshots of desktop and mobile view, you will have a chance to request changes to the design.

Second review, all new amendments will have been made if any was needed, these new changes are then signed off, with a final email on acid test to show how this renders on all email clients.

Once you're happy with the new custom email template, we complete this project.

Email campaign management

As an email service provider expert I have over 10+ years of experience within email marketing, working with the biggest and best service providers.

Throughout my career, I have helped clients with all types of email marketing.

If you need more help than an email template, here are the steps I take.

Scoping out for your email campaign management needs.

Agree on a free email campaign review.

Discuss my findings or improvements with you.

Agree on next steps if you need ongoing email campaign management or just regular reviews of your progress.

If you agree with future campaign management, we will look at your KPI for the next few campaigns and the work involved.

First of all the work involved can be minor or major, also everything from building all emails and adding all content, another benefit is the reporting and planning then deploying the next campaign, just like a CRM executive team member with an email developer know-how.

This support has been used before by (local brands) and (major brands) with many different email clients see below for my experience.

Email Developer for over 10 years

As you may have already gathered, I am passionate about HTML email template development and email design.

I believe that emails play a fundamental role in businesses and how businesses communicate with their customers.

It does not matter how big or small your business is, email helps to provide important information or updates to your customers.

No matter if it is a newsletter or an offer, this information is significant to your business and it is appropriate to the subscribers receiving it.

Every HTML email I build or design, I ensure matches the received brief and every brief that I do receive I quality control to ensure the layout is compatible with email building.

On many occasions, within my career, I have given help to companies or staff members and this is the type of challenge I thrive on.

Because I enjoy helping people by creating a design that is effective and therefore reflects the brand they are representing.

I always communicate with clients and staff members so they know why they should, or should not build emails in a certain way.

This helps builds trust and educates everyone involved, my recommendations are because of email best practise rules, most importantly to show people the potential of an effective email design.

This is where the considerate placement of content will help the subscribers engage with the email.

My experience comes from a few different walks of life. I have been a web designer and a frontend developer focusing on user experience.

Email Marketing in Swindon

All of this experience has helped me shape my career and find my passion for email development.

First of all the reason, I love email development is that they are tougher to build than a website.

Also you have to cater to so many different clients and other devices another reason is that each device has its own quirks and inconsistencies.

This makes building a robust email challenging and to be honest, very frustrating but once completed very rewarding.

As of 2020 - I currently support over 80+ email clients, plus all web browsers with my HTML email development.

I find that most email clients can be supported if people are willing to adjust the design slightly, but I aim to push the limits of email development.

If you need an Email Developer in Swindon, do contact me to see how I can help your email marketing.

Please do check out my listing on Directory of Swindon Email Marketing.