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I’m an email developer working hands on with clients for over 10 years, I can build you and your brand an email template that works perfectly.

Call me or hit chat if you like a free qoute or any support with email marketing or email templates.

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EmailGeek the email developer who can build you any email you need

As a Email developer I can help you build simple and effective emails as shown in the example above.

Emails that I develop are mobile responsive, accessibility friendly, fully tested & ready to use.

So no matter if your using SaleForce Marketing Cloud, MailChimp, Marketo – I will be able to help you.

A few brands I worked with

Email developer who can built emails and supported GoCompare for over 2 years
Email developer whho supported energylinx and build emails and content blocks
Email developer whho supported energylinx and build emails and content blocks
Pro Email developer at email frame works for weflip
Email developer that created emails on nintendo products
Email developer for Nintendo
I have built email newsletter featuring xbox as an Email developer
Email campaigns featuring gopro as an Email developer
Working with Boat was great fun making over 9 modular templates
I built over 5 customer emails template for Racing Post
I helped build 1 master and over 45+ module to help support BAU
before pure planet closed down I built 1 master template and over 30 content blocks

Find out what people think of my work.

Review by: Sucheth

Job Title:
Marketing Cloud Platform Manager at Sonova Group

Date: 2021-10-08


What Sucheth said:
Mark is brilliant with Email solutions and content creation in SFMC. I have been working with Mark for a few months now. His experience and expertise with multiple industries make him a great asset to the team. I highly recommend Mark for any project related to Marketing cloud (AMP script/ SSJS ) and Email templates.

Review by: Chantal

Job Title:
Freelance Project Manager

Date: 2019-12-27


What Chantal said:
Mark worked on a couple of my business transformation projects for Nationwide, and in each case, he showed dedication, thoroughness and a real willingness to learn and implement new technologies. He was able to develop the required code, and lead the process all the way to live release, whilst collaborating with the appropriate colleagues in the business. I would be happy to recommend Mark for any future professional opportunity that he may seek.

Review by: Helen

Job Title:
CRM Manager at My Voucher Codes

Date: 2020-01-02


What Helen said:
Working with Mark has been a real pleasure. He has been a brilliant support to me and my direct report during our migration to Salesforce and beyond, with his impressive knowledge of Salesforce, email coding and deliverability. I have been particularly impressed with how responsive Mark has been when assistance has been required or issues have occurred, including a couple of out of hours problems where his help was very valuable and greatly appreciated.

Email developer with over 10 years experience

As you may have already gathered, I am passionate about being a email developer and HTML email templates and email design.

I believe that emails play a fundamental role in businesses and how businesses communicate with their customers.

It does not matter how big or small your business is, email helps to provide important information or updates to your customers.

No matter if it is a newsletter or an offer, this information is significant to your business and it is appropriate to the subscribers receiving it.

Every HTML email I build or design, I ensure matches the received brief and every brief that I do receive I quality control to ensure the layout is compatible with email building.

On many occasions, within my career, I have given help to companies or staff members and this is the type of challenge I thrive on.

Because I enjoy helping people by creating a design that is effective and therefore reflects the brand they are representing.

I always communicate with clients and staff members so they know why they should, or should not build emails in a certain way.

This helps builds trust and educates everyone involved, my recommendations are because of email best practise rules, most importantly to show people the potential of an effective email design.

This is where the considerate placement of content will help the subscribers engage with the email.

My experience comes from a few different walks of life. I have been a web designer and a frontend developer focusing on user experience.

Email developer

All of this experience has helped me shape my email developer career and find my passion to support all ESP & CRMs.

First of all the reason, I love being a email developer is that emails are tougher to build than a website.

Also you have to cater to so many different email clients and other devices another reason is that email device has its own quirks and inconsistencies.

This makes building a robust email challenging and to be honest, very frustrating but once completed very rewarding.

As of 2021 – I currently support over 85+ email clients, plus all web browsers with my skills as HTML email developer.

I find that most email clients can be supported if people are willing to adjust the design slightly, but I aim to push my email developer limits to build emails clients want.

If you need an Email developer, do contact me to see how I can help your email marketing.

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