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Step 1 - login to your MailChimp account

Being secure with your MailChimp account is important, so I have created a guide that will walk you through all the steps so you can securely invite a MailChimp user to your account read the guide below or watch the video guide. Log into your MailChimp Account using your, Username and password

Step 2 - Click on your profile name

Log into your account

Step 3 - Select the Profile Tab

Click the tab labbeled profile

Step 4 - Select the Setting drop down and press the Users option

Click the settings tab and find the Users option

Step 5 - Once your in the User Area look for the invite button

Inside the user area look for the invite button

Step 6 - Enter the email address of the person you would like to invite, then find the Send invite buttons

Inside the user area look for the invite button

Step 7 - Check to see if if your invite is pending

Check to see if the MailChimp invertaions is pending

I hope you enjoyed, this user guide please contact me below if you need any help.

Follow along with this video guide - How to Invite a user to MailChimp

How to invite a MailChimp user securely?

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