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Gmail and Android Friendly Emails.

Gmail and Android Friendly Emails.

Creating a Gmail friendly or Android-friendly email template, takes time and effort and you will need to work out if supporting these email clients is right for you and your subscribers.

If your market share does not show any benefits to support Android or Gmail with your email marketing, then you may not want to build a new email template, I personally would support as many email clients as possible because it will help you future-proof your email templates, meaning you will only need to worry about new devices that have just been released.

Check out how this Gmail and Android Friendly Email Template looks.+

Gmail and Android Friendly Emails. Iphone6+
Iphone 6+ iOS 10
Gmail and Android Friendly Emails. for  gmail
iPhone 6+ - Gmail
Gmail and Android Friendly Emails. for Pixel Android
Pixel Yahoo - Android 7
Gmail and Android Friendly Emails. for iPhone X and iPhone 8
iPhone X - iOS 11
Outlook 2016 Windows 7
Outlook 2016-Windows 7
Gmail & Android Friendly Email template email design for Outlook 2010 windows 7
Outlook 2010-Windows 7
android email design for Yahoo Chrome Windows 7
Yahoo Chrome Windows 7
Gmail & Android Friendly Email template for AOL Windows 7
AOL Firefox-Windows 7

From the previews above you can see I have only listed 8 different email client that my email framework supports, but these are not the only email client that is supported, in total I support over 65+ email clients when I build HTML email templates, please do check my Email on Acid preview.

I believe that email development is about care and effort, by supporting more devices with little to none rendering defects it shows you are putting in the effort and you caring about the emails you're creating and sending to your or the client's subscribers.

So I hope you like my original design and the Gmail & Android Friendly Email template I have built, If you need any help creating an email template or looking for advice please use my contact form at the bottom of the page.

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