Salesforce marketing cloud dynamic content

This example of dynamic content content within Salesforce marketing cloud is to show how I use a API to email for quicker email creation.

This demo is not a how code - this is to show what you can expect as a final project piece.

Salesforce marketing cloud api

Step 1 - API or Data Feed

This mini guide explains the solution from a top level perspective, As a decision maker you will know the key components you may need to scoop for the project.

On the video this shows the NASA api being used, this could be your api or a xml data feed or some other type of data feed. The important point here is having content with in a structure that can be used in a data table or data extension.

Once you have this a talented marketing cloud developer will be able to manipulate the data or advise on how they need the data feed, On a practical level I like to work with what is already in house as I feel its our job to accommodate the end users need.

Salesforce marketing cloud Data wrangling

Step 2 - Data wrangling

Data wrangling, also called data munging or data remediation, is the process of converting raw data into a usable format.

Plain English - This is the process we create to receive the data from the API or data feed and either split it into fields or usable formats so the data can be used to display within the email.

Apart of this process could be sorting out (date formats) if you want your data to be displayed on date order, maybe with newest first - like in the solution shown on the video.

Step 3 - Lookup the dynamic content

So in step 2 we talk about plain english - data wrangling with all of the data prepared, the final step would be to use AMPScript to pull in your dynamic content.

In the video example we are showing a blog that has updates every day, so our solution is displaying doing 10 days worth of content, this could be alot more advanced with you are using the subscriber record to power the data they want based on their unique interest.

The point here is with Salesforce marketing cloud dynamic content you can build and power any email solution you want you just need the correct talent to make your vision a reality.

Need help with a project?

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