Boat International case study


When first approached from Lizzy working at Boat International, there was an urgent requirement to rebuild some email templates an another freelancer could not get the code working in marketing cloud.

This needed to be turned around within 48 hours as the new branding was launching.


The time first working with Lizzy we decided to use extra time on discovery, this was to look into the already build HTML email.

We found none of the original code was salvageable as it was not rendering well in any of the major email clients.

This meant we needed to go back and create the email from scratch using HTML and CSS whilst previewing and testing on litmus and email on acid.

After 24 hour I had rebuilt the email template with the intended design that Boat international provided, I delivered previews of this email template to Lizzy for approval or any changes.

The first email was built and migrated within 48 hours, Lizzy was ecstatic we could achieve her goal and not let down the stakeholders.

This lead on to more work with Boat International.

boat international in content builder


Lizzy was very clear from the onset that all email and template needed to work on marketing cloud.

This also mean content blocks must be custom and could support updates in the future either from a content perspective or a code update like fonts or background image.

When migrating this into marketing cloud I made sure that all content block was tested and previewed in my test account so the migration was simple and bug free.

This way me and Lizzy could focus on training with the new marketing cloud email template and any system issue or best practise within email marketing.

Lizzy and the team was then free to build emails, With Boat international design rooted in every content block and template.

This helped save on testing time & BAU process.


Lizzy found that all email created with the new template, performed consistently better then the out the box marketing cloud emails and the customers was more engaged with email being on brand.

The biggest improvement was the ability to produce emails quickly with the premade content blocks rendered amazing well on all email client this save her and the team many hours of testings.

All they needed to focus on was using the marketing cloud editor and getting the image and links right as well as the content.

Over the last few years Lizzy and myself have created many more email template with custom fonts and future proofing these emails & different types of content blocks.

This was due to the correct development on Boat international emails, that look great and perform amazingly well with a small amount of man hours.

But a massive reward was the fantastic relationship me and Lizzy built up, she knew I was only one call anyway and could make her vision into a working product.

If you need help like this do let me know.

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