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Why is this Free

I am offering to build you a custom MailChimp email template for free, the reason why is so I can show case your new (email template on Really Good Emails), also to prove to MailChimp a expert status.

This new email template will be show cased on this website to show off your new email and to help me gain new customers in the long run.

What is Free

Free custom MailChimp email template, based around your website or design

All templates created are tested on email on acid this will also be free

Your first campaign setup on MailChimp, this includeds but not limitd to: adding all products or content into your email, links, images, content, final send, email best practices.

Who has used this offer so far

So far todate only - Leos Hair and beauty salon - this is what inspired this offer.

If you need to know more please use the below contact forms.

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Email Template and Design with free campaign managment

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I created this PolyGon email template to render well on as many email clients as possible but also to be easy to use in MailChimp.

As a MailChimp expert and a HTML email template developer, it was import to me that this template could be used by anyone.

First objective was to create a HTML email template that rendered well outside of MailChimp, once this was archived my next aim was to ensure this template still previewed well after being sent from MailChimp.

After a few rounds of testing and some small MSO fixes and MailChimp padding issues I was ready to add the MailChimp functionality, That makes it a editable template in MailChimp.

If you have watched my video above you can see how easy this MailChimp template is to use for anyone, so people who do not know HTML or CSS still can create the perfect email campaign.

There are a few small issue on outlook DPI versions, but nothing a few small rules when editing this template would not fix.

Check out how this Editable MailChimp Template looks by clicking the images below.+

Editable MailChimp Email Template Iphone6+
Iphone 6+ - iOS 10
Editable MailChimp Email Template for Android
Editable MailChimp Email Template for  gmail
iPhone 6+ Gmail
Editable MailChimp Email Template gmail
Editable MailChimp Email Template for Pixel Android
Pixel Yahoo - Android 7
Editable MailChimp Email Template for iPhone X and iPhone 8
iPhone X - iOS 11
Editable MailChimp Email Template for  Outlook 2007 Windows 7
Outlook 2007 Windows 7
Editable MailChimp Email Template design for Outlook 2010 windows 7
Outlook 2010 Windows 7
Editable MailChimp Email Template for Yahoo Chrome Windows 7
Yahoo Chrome Windows 7
Editable MailChimp Email Template for AOL Windows 7.jpg
AOL Firefox-Windows 7

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