swindon email marketing

Swindon email marketing

EmailGeek is Swindon email marketing expert for Swindon base business, we been creating some of the best html email templates for businesses of all over the world for over 10 years. coding HTML Emails.

These include new business and prominent brands in Swindon and across the UK.

Are you a Swindon base business that’s looking for the perfect HTML Email template to enhance your email marketing campaign?

EmailGeek can help you, we specialising in HTML email coding we are developer and only work on project we know we can deliver.

Swindon email specialising in HTML coding for companies of all sizes.

We work remote allowing us to focus on production and quality email Swindon, most of our work is done with Microsoft teams or another video sharing software for online meetings.

Need for face-to-face meetings is actually no longer needed, but we are always happy to meet clients at their offices or at a coffee shop.

20+ Emails Templates Here

Rewarding Email Marketing in Swindon

Our feedback has been excellent with clients telling us how we make the best email templates they used See our Reviews.

In popular Email service providers like: Salesforce marketing cloud, MailChimp, DotMailer, Markto, Braze.

We’ve been hired by local Swindon companies to build and design all types of emails to collections for a wide range of budgets.

We build the best email templates. We have built and designed every type of email from dark mode friendly to AMP emails.

Living and breathe email best practice is the EmailGeek way and is at the heart of every process and framework we create.

From accessibility to mobile responsive email that will land in all inboxes.

Business that have used us to build emails for them have seen an increase in return in investment, and increase in brand presence and most importantly an increase in click to conversion after they’ve used one of our html email builds.

When done correctly, email marketing is the best forms of direct marketing and is a lot cheaper than you think!

Swindon has a lot of competition when advertising but with the right email marketing and the best html email templates in Swindon, your business will reach customers and increase profits. Targeting only people based in Swindon.

Or even the South West is step one with the right email marketing strategy your growth cloud be global.

Need help with email best practice?

Email Build Experience

With over 10 years of experience of effective html email experience, we know specifically what’s required for targeted b2b email marketing.

This is why we’ve been labelled one of the best email experts in the South West!

No matter what type of email you need we can help, from getting you started to how to help win customer back into your sales funnel.

Many of the html email template we produced have been used to increase company revenue, here area few company around the UK.

Good looking email matter

HTML emails have come along way and they can look and be delivered effectivlty as plain text emails.

But you just need to know the rule around how what and why, as part of our onboarding we give you all best practis tips and modern

Plain text email promises near - 100% email deliverability and are need to ensure best practices are being followed.

As some customer may opt-in to plain text only or want iwatch friendly emails and other screen reader to work effectively.

With the right file size html email will land in the inbox just as regular as plain text emails.

All studies show that emails built with html have a higher click rate than plain text emails, because they are more engaging.

Also, HTML email builds are the only way to reflect your branding to your customer with email marketing.

A HTML email should incorporate all the component for your brand and products to help your customers get to what they want faster.

Email marketing in Swindon

Email marketing in Swindon

So if you have a business in or around Swindon or the South West - get in touch via the chat button or on our phone the number 07478606656

Find out why we are the Swindon email expert and the best email template builders in the UK.

We’d love to hear from you about your email marketing plans, over a call or coffee or tea or coke.

With the right email strategy, your customer can be targeted more effectively.

We understand email marketing can be frustrating for some company’s but with the right email experts we can change this.

With over 10 years of expert experience, our value comes from the know-how of our experts who continually keep up with the latest email marketing trends and tech stacks

This includes like litmus & email on acid, Salesforce as many more.

Our experience experts hand-code your html emails and test every email campaign across 80+ email clients also physically devices to make sure it looks perfect for your business & customers.

Why choose us for your next email project?

We build unique branded email campaigns with stunning designs, always with best practice html and strict anti-spam guidelines required for email marketing for GDPR &can span act in the USA.

We offer detailed breakdown regarding click-through rates, what they clicked and work out why they click that item.

This you valuable insight to create your next targeted email campaigns.

advantages of swindon email marketing

Advantages of Swindon Email Marketing

• Effective way to reach customers.

• Subscriber loyalty with turn consist return investment.

• Helps SEO & utilise pay per click customer.

• Increasing brand awareness growth.

Add value in Email Marketing

What does this mean, well from our perspective it means help you achieve your goals.

Maybe you want to start email marketing, great we can help we blog one on one training or set up your first camaign.

Or it could be how do we get more click rates, by working with us we be able to help you understand and review your result so you can be self service.

Some times client just need a email developer to build a new email the graphics team designed or they have some one sick and need a project finish.

So no matter the project please do contact and we can see if we can help.